Is your Application Security Team Embracing DevOps?

By Joey Campione, Managing Director of Opticca Security Companies embracing emerging technologies, such as open source, IAAS and PAAS are impacting industries like never seen before. Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix have set the bar for companies that are disrupting markets and showcasing the business advantages of DevOps at a global scale. Increased market

Yahoo Data Leak: Are we getting any better at mitigating Risk?

Recent confirmations regarding millions of compromised accounts dating back to a data breach from two years ago is a great opportunity for us to rethink the importance of Risk Management, as well as the importance of implementing forward-thinking security controls into our businesses and our personal lives. Yahoo Chief Information Security Officer Bob Lord confirmed in a statement on Yahoo’s Tumblir site that the company had been victim of a hacker intrusion in late 2014, which accessed at...