Is your cloud leaking information?

Cloud & Cyber Security Solutions

Threats are increasing. Your IT Security should, too.

The benefits of cloud computing are being realized by organizations across the globe. The scalability that allows you to easily grow (or shrink) your operation, the agility that enables you to make quick changes, the cost-effectiveness that can save you money – the cloud seems like an easy decision.  However, with increased cloud adoption rates come increased cloud computing security issues.

Uncover the depth of Opticca Security’s portfolio.


Providing shadow IT discovery and sanctioned application control, with a consolidated view of your cloud service usage and users who access data from any device or location.


Assisting with data residency and compliance with regulations and standards, as well as identifying cloud usage and the risks of specific cloud services.

Data Security

Providing the ability to enforce data-centric security policies to prevent unwanted activity based on data classification, discovery and user activity monitoring of access to sensitive data or privilege escalation.


Preventing unwanted devices, users and versions of applications from accessing cloud services. User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), the use of threat intelligence and malware identification.