Is your database secure?  Think again…

Data Protection & Compliance Solutions

Threats are increasing. Your IT Security should, too.

While some attackers still focus on denial of service attacks and vandalism, cybercriminals often target the database because that is where the money is. The databases that power websites hold a great deal of profitable information for someone looking to steal credit card information or personal identities.

Uncover the depth of Opticca Security’s portfolio.

Database Security

Reducing the databases’ attackable surface, offering database firewall / segregation of duties, preventing SQL injections and determining privileges of database access control.

Discovery of Sensitive Data

Sensitive data such as, SSN, PII, e-mails, passwords, etc., is automatically detected and classified to ensure that you are aligned with regulatory requirements.

DynamicData Masking

Organizations can dynamically mask sensitive data accessed from application screens, reports, development and DBA tools.

Database Activity Monitoring

Providing administrative and access activity monitoring up to the database column level, auditing logins, admin commands, access queries and stored procedures.