Our Company

Opticca Security is a leading provider of Cyber Security Solutions that protect sensitive data, IT systems, websites, and applications in the cloud or on premise. Our partners and customers alike value us for providing strategic security solutions to help maximize their security and risk management investments.

In addition, we pride ourselves as being vendor and technology agnostic- leaving us to focus on the best-of-breed solution based solely on helping our clients address their specific needs and requirements.

We are part of Opticca Consulting, a leading technology and management-consulting firm that allows for us to offer our clients extended IT consulting services.

Our Mission

Opticca’s mission is to deliver business critical Cyber Security solutions that will deliver value for a sustained period of time to mitigated cyber threats.

What We Care About:

  • Providing our clients with quality experiences at every touch point;
  • Meeting project objectives within budget and timelines;
  • Growing our team with like minded individuals who care deeply about our clients, partners and internal success
  • Sustaining a company culture that focuses on Hard Work, Discipline, Project Delivery Metrics, and Work-Life Balance;

Our Method

Opticca Security has implemented tried, tested and proven methodologies that dramatically increase the likelihood of success in sustaining a strong IT and Cyber Security posture. Our experienced and highly skilled team’s primary objectives are to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s ecosystem while immediately adding unprecedented value to all project stakeholders.

Assess, Discover, Define, Execute, Maintain, Improvement