Opticca Security’s senior team is specialized in performing comprehensive and personalized Internal/External Network and Web Application penetration testing. A penetration test is a proactive and authorized attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, including OS, service and application flaws, improper configurations, and even risky end-user behavior. Deliberately attacking a computer system to determine whether security weaknesses or compromised defenses exist within the system is called a penetration test, or pentest. Penetration testing is a critical component of any exhaustive security audit that should be performed regularly to ensure system integrity, security and resistance to exploits & Vulnerabilities Opticca Security Experts will use penetration testing to access legal operations in order to execute illegal operations necessary for detecting vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing is a critical requirement in order to acheive PCI compliance.

What is the value of using Opticca Security Penetration test services for your business?

Determining the feasibility of a particular set of attack vectors;

Identifying higher-risk vulnerabilities that result from a combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence;

Understanding the potential risk for your business and operational impacts of successful attacks;

Identifying vulnerabilities that may be difficult or impossible to detect with automated network or application vulnerability scanning software.

Providing evidence to support increased investments in security personnel and technology to C-level management, investors, and customers;

Testing the ability of network defenders to successfully detect and respond to the attacks;

Meeting compliance  (for example: the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires both annual and ongoing penetration testing (after any system changes);

Post security incident, an organization needs to determine the vectors that were used to gain access to a compromised system (or entire network). Combined with forensic analysis, a penetration test is often used to re-create the attack chain, or to validate that new security controls put in place will block a similar attack in the future;

Opticca Security provides experience resources that will help guide you through the entire process.