Is App Security top of mind?

Web Application Security Solutions

Threats are increasing. Your IT Security should, too.

It’s easier and easier to make applications for the web, and businesses are using them at ever increasing rates. So, of course, hackers are spending more time and energy targeting web applications and data. Next generation firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and other traditional network security controls don’t stop the latest industrialized, multi-vector attacks – leaving your organization exposed to costly and damaging breaches and lost time. Companies can put all of the other cybersecurity controls in place, but if there are application weaknesses, hackers will exploit them.

Uncover the depth of Opticca Security’s portfolio.

Web Application Firewall

Dynamically learning your applications’ “normal” behavior and correlating this with the industry’s leading threat intelligence for web applications, providing protection against data loss, application-layer DDoS, and known and previously unknown zero day application-layer attack modalities, identifying and acting on dangers maliciously woven into innocent-looking website traffic.

Threat Intelligence

Globally crowdsourced, real-time threat intelligence to stop known malicious users and industrialized, multi-vector attacks right from the start.